VPC has a wide variety of films in its film reel. We have done everything from making films for film competitions to making commercials for businesses. In addition, we film for Sixth College events, and even that comes in a wide variety such as the Special Events Committee’s Semi-Formal to the spring music and art festival, Kuncocshun. We also film Reslife events like Whackin’ Jack and Let It Flow. Not to mention, we are also starting to work closely with the Culture Art & Technology (C.A.T.) department and making films for the exhibition and gallery space called ARTifact.

However we are not limited to Sixth College. We have filmed for the Offices of Academic Integrity and the Asayake Taiko Drum group.

It may seem like a corporate pleasing game, but we most importantly make time to produce our own individual projects. We have made music videos for our own entertainment, from pre-production through post. So we make sure that we get to have “fun” film time in there.

Note: What we film is entirely dependent upon how many people we can get to commit as actors and crew on a large scale. The more independent we want to be in making our own films, the more time we need to commit. Our projects vary depending on our group size and interest of members.

To view our full filmography, please visit our YouTube or click the options under the drop down menu.