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President/Director of Events: Ozzie Mangayat

Talks the most at meetings and doesn’t make any sense half the time, but in the end the president runs the organization of the club, oversees the rest of the officers, has meetings with important people of Sixth College and spams everyone’s emails with reminders.

Director of Events In charge of organizing events such as the Digital Film Festival and the Racialization in the Media Lecture Series and more.  Every year VPC always finds itself needing help especially in planning their Digital Film Festival by contacting hosts, sponsors, judges, making budgets and meeting deadlines.  They basically make new jobs and more work so that the club stays busy throughout the year!

Vice President/Director of Events: Bernadette Do

Sits beside the president at meetings and makes sure the president doesn’t lose their mind.  The VP organizes THE BINDER, containing everything VPC related (officers, events, etc.), and also chooses the viral video of the week, shown at the beginning of meetings.

Treasurer: Austin Huynh

The most unpopular officer position in VPC because everyone would rather spend their time making videos!  However, it is one of the most important jobs of the officer core by setting up fundraisers and keeping track of all the budgets for films and events.

Public Relations/Historian: Kaiqi Guo

The Historian manages our social media outlets like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and this website and making sure it gets updated on a regular basis..  They take pictures of every event VPC attends and posts them on the VPC Facebook.

Marketing: TBD

Marketing  is best friends with the Director of Events and Public Relations because without each other, there wouldn’t be an audience at any events!  They send emails and make posters and flyers to announce and publicize all VPC events.  The marketing manager also goes out on dates with the treasurer (or just sends a bunch more emails to them) to let them know how much money they’re planning to spend on publicizing.

Lead Producer: TBD

Now to the good stuff of what VPC does!  The Lead Producer is in charge of all video producing from pre- to post- by delegating Directing, Writing, Cinematographing and Editing jobs to members of the club.  They also make sure videos get done by their deadlines.

Director of Technology: TBD

Works closely with the Lead Producer in making sure VPC has the equipment to facilitate the production of a video.  Such equipment includes cameras, lights, sound and hard drives.

Secretary: Bernadette Do

Blame and thank this person for weekly VPC email updates and reminders spammed to your inbox!  The Secretary takes detailed notes at meetings in order to do so.

Officer of Cinematographic Arts and Social Gatherings: TBD

(Really just the movie night, fun and team bonding officer). Runs all movie nights and all philosophical discussions following movies. They also plan all social activities for the group including but not limited to trips to midnight movie screenings, film festivals, studio tours, industry professional panels, potlucks, etc.  They also plan end of the year celebrations after the VPC film festival.

Alumni Correspondents: Drew Mandinach, Jessica Jacobsen, Chance McManus, Rachael Bruno
Important people that VPC will never get rid of because they’re cool and they love us too much.  Some are so important that a few awards, given to VPC members at the end of the year, are named after them.