Video Production Club is a registered org under both Sixth College and A.S. We are a Sixth organization, but we take anyone and everyone from all colleges and majors.

Our goal is to offer a wide variety of film related topics to both Vis and non-Vis Arts majors alike. We make and watch films, go to film festivals and movie premieres as well as plan and put on a a lecture series (three lectures a year), not to mention we host our very own annual Digital Film Festival. We try to ensure that there is always something for everyone to get involved with. Most importantly we have fun.

We film Sixth College events like the Semi Formal and Kuncocshun. We also shoot projects for campus organizations like the office of Academic Integrity. The lecture series that we put on every quarter, is funded by Sixth College but it is for all students. Popular media effects us all, and it is important to know those effects to not only one’s self, but to the people being represented.

We hope everyone can gain something from everything that our club does, whether it be going to a lecture or watching a video that we made for a campus organization.