Tony Méndez Casting in ARGO

If you don’t question/discuss/ rethink images in the media, then you are presented with hurtful images. Why don’t we rethink whitewashing the way filmmakers can be (sometimes) concerned with historical truth? Doesn’t the accuracy of someone’s race matter when it comes to remembering history?
“Ben Affleck’s ARGO came out October 12 and it is already getting Oscar buzz. The movie, based on a 1979 CIA successful rescue of six American diplomats in Iran, is good. Very good. Affleck deserves the kudos, except for one thing: instead of casting a Latino actor to play the movie’s main character, Tony Méndez, Affleck cast himself.”
It is important to look at the production of images in the media and how filmmakers make specific choices, even in the casting of actors for specific rolls such as that for Tony Méndez in ARGO.  Another example similar to Affleck’s decision in casting is the controversial casting of “Avatar: The Last Airbender” which happened to be discussed in the inaugural Racialization in the Media lecture by Guy Aoki, seen here.  Casting issues have also historically existed in popular media since the beginning of filmmaking.

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